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Corporate Retirement Plans - Tax Optimization Planning - Executive Compensation

We work with small business owners and HR departments to provide high-quality low-cost benefit plans that help businesses remain competitive in tight labor markets. Whether you need a qualified retirement plan to mitigate your taxes as an owner of a business or you need an executive retention program to keep your most valuable asset, your people, from entertaining the constant barrage of offers from LinkedIn and other recruiting platforms. APEX Financial has the solutions and creative experience to design a custom-tailored solution for your business

Qualified Plans

We build cost-effective retirement plans that help employees build meaningful retirement savings

Schedule a consultation with us to learn about how we can mitigate your fiduciary liability

Tax Optimization

Personalized advice takes a deep understanding of your situation, beliefs, and family or relationship dynamics. Our goal is to help you understand how taxes, fees, and market-related risks pose a threat to your wealth

Executive Compensation

Retirement savings, education planning, debt management, and tax reduction are all areas that APEX provides guidance through a modern mobile friendly platform designed to simplify your financial life and keep your finances in focus

Group Benefits

Are you on track for retirement? Do you have the right life insurance in place to protect your family? Are you investing in a tax efficient manner? Are you prepared to send your kids to college? Let APEX guide you at every turn along your journey

Financial Wellness

Financial matters are a leading cause of stress. Studies have shown that on average ~13 hours of productivity per year are lost per employee due to financial concerns. At APEX, we believe Financial Wellness financial wellness is an extension of employee benefits. Providing your employees with high-quality self-service education coupled with access to one of our licensed advisors when they  need a deeper level of expertise, has proven to improve productivity and overall employee morale

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