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Tax Management

When it comes to building your wealth, one of the largest impediments you will face is taxes!

Taxes are responsible for a drag of 40-60% on most investors income. If you put that in terms of investing, you may or may not realize that if you are in a 40% tax bracket, you need to earn $1.67 to have $1.00 to invest

Therefore, just to recoup your tax losses at $1.67 you would need to earn a 67% return on your investments…and that’s before we pay any taxes on the growth of your money!

At APEX, we work with you to optimize your investment vehicles to take advantage any tax benefits that are available to you. When you invest in tax efficient vehicles and put Tax Optimization ahead of rate of return, you are one step closer to your ideal life.

We are not accountants, rather we work with your team of experts or make introductions to our trusted partners. We collaborate with some of the leading firms nationwide from Certified Public Accounting firms to Tax attorneys to Asset & Estate Protection Attorney’s.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, then we would encourage you to schedule a free consultation today to learn how we can get you on track for you ideal life!

  • Do you feel like you are paying too much in taxes?

  • Do you want to understand how to keep more of the money you earn?

  • Do you want to have a team of professionals working together to protect and grow your wealth?

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