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Ambassadors to your iDEAL life

Financial Planning - Tax Planning - Investment Management - Estate Planning

Our mission is to be the ambassadors to your iDEAL life. We value helping people live a life full of meaningful & memorable experiences, acting as stewards to your financial lives. Guided by your beliefs & values, we deliver informed, unbiased advice. Let APEX help execute your vision of the iDEAL life today!

Life Snapshot

APEX uses modern technology to aggregate all your accounts giving us a snapshot of your current financial life. Then we go to work understanding your iDEAL life and begin making recommendations

Personalized Guidance

Personalized advice takes a deep understanding of your situation, beliefs, and family or relationship dynamics. Our goal is to help you understand how taxes, fees, and market-related risks pose a threat to your wealth

Outdoors Meeting

Financial Clarity

Retirement savings, education planning, debt management, and tax reduction are all areas that APEX provides guidance through a modern mobile friendly platform designed to simplify your financial life and keep your finances in focus

Ideal Life GPS

Are you on track for retirement? Do you have the right life insurance in place to protect your family? Are you investing in a tax efficient manner? Are you prepared to send your kids to college? Let APEX guide you at every turn along your journey

A few areas we help guide our clients



Life Insurance & Annuities

Savings & Investing

APEX specializes in consulting on 401k & other qualified plans. We provide plan sponsors guidance on fiduciary responsibilities such as fund selection & monitoring, as well as personalized participant education and advice

APEX will provide expert guidance on your IRA accounts with our personalized investment management. We will help you manage required minimum distributions and integrate your distributions with your financial plan

If your looking to protect your portfolio from market fluctuations, looking to build a legacy for your family or charitable causes, life insurance and annuities can play an important part of this aspect of your financial plan

Ready to start saving & investing with after tax dollars? APEX will construct a customized tax efficient, risk sensitive portfolio for you OR you can use our low cost online platform to select one of our pre-built portfolios

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